A Dino-tastic Co-op Party Platformer
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Dino Party is a fast-paced platformer ready for 1-4 player fun! Race through the challenging levels, fighting the unfriendly environment, the diverse traps along the way, and your vicious friends as you try to escape the ever-falling floor behind you!

We know there's no harm in some good, amicable competition, so we've made Dino Party ready for both local and online gameplay, so you can annoy your friends wherever they are!

Displaying your individuality has never been easier with all our unique Dinos , but they're not handed on a platter! Progress through the maps or earn stars in order to free them and add them to your collection!

4 Unique Maps!


Jump around mushrooms and avoid being flattened by logs in Grassland!

Journey across the mighty rivers and explore the original land of Dino Party, the perfect introduction to a world of fun!


Avoid freezing through the icy plains of Iceland!

Dodge snowballs whilst exploring the harsh rocky peaks, then strap on your skis and fly down the slopes, like your ancestors did before you!


Carefully step onto the sacred paths of Sandland!

Get your timing right! Swinging hammers, pressure plates and spring traps placed by Dinos from a long forgotten past await your demise!


Discover the dark depths of Lavaland!

Beware of the unknown terrors and scalding lava that runs deep into the caves where no Dinos have been before.
P.S. Watch your head!

Mobile website under development.
Check out the desktop version for more information.
Thanks for your patience!